I remember ever since childhood i always had trouble with my weight. My mom used too cook me unhealthy food because we didn’t have much money. I looked fine until i become 12 years old my weight was not normal. I used to eat a lots of milk products ice creams, Pasta dumplings and more unhealthy stuff more and more. Then i realized it was time to stop at one point i used to weight massive 113 kg when i was 15 years old. Let me tell you something there is no magic formula when it comes to losing weight. If you want to lose a lot of weight it takes a lot of effort you have to prepare mentally because this is the hardest part. You have to stop eating what you like sometimes exercise is not necessary you can get rid of your belly other ways let me tell you how. First stop eating milk products avoid chocolates crisps lemonade other sugary drinks. Meat is not good i still eat a lot of chicken so chicken is not too bad. Sauce is not good try not to eat much ketchup and mayonaisse. We need to stop eating this. I recommend rice it’s very good for your heart, orange juice. fish, oatmeal, yoghurt, lots of fruits and water. My routine is i eat something in the morning boiled eggs good omega 3 vitamins then my last meal is about 14:30 and after this time i don’t eat nothing until next day. This is the hardest part this diet maybe not for everyone but it worked for me well.   I don’t eat about 18 or 19 hours after 14:30 that’s a lot and it can be extremely hard you can drink lots of water and other drinks and also eat fruits but not too much. I transformed myself from 113 kg into 85kg . I weight 85kg now and it’s awesome i never knew i could do this  but if you want something i’m sure you can do it too. It took me like 4 years. Yes it was a long process i’m sure it’s not the same for everyone but that’s how i did it.

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