Yes gamecube is my favourite console of all times. I remember when i was very young back in 2005 my parents bought me nintendo gamecube. I was so happy it was the best thing in the world at that time. Game collection was great It had great variety of games for everyone.  Who can forget that purple intro :). So i decided to buy this console in 2019 again and it still feels awesome ofcourse graphics don’t look HD but there more important things than graphics. I’m retro fanatic and i can feel nostalgia with nintendo gamecube. I also bought USB 2.0 VHS To DVD Converter this way i can record gameplay footage and save it on my pc. It’s a small capture card i was able to find on ebay it’s not the best quality it cost about £6 anyway. This console belongs in the museum 🙂 if you never had one i definetly recommend to get one. You can find the whole console for about £50 or $70 if you live in the us. Who knows maybe after 10 years price can go up much more and these things can become rare so grab it while you can. I love video games sometimes it’s a good way to relax but can be addicting. I used to own PS4 few years ago but nintendo gamecube still the best thing.
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