Did you know you can create your first android app without much knowledge. I always wanted to make my first android application. Many people will tell you it’s a long and very complicated process. Actually they are right if you use popular android studio it will take a lot of time. But what if i tell you there’s alternative. Yes it’s called MIT APP inventor you can find this web builder here Open this builder. Now we need to install few programs before we start and also grab your usb cable. Download Aistarter here . You’ll need this emulator so you can test your applications on your phone and see everything what you do there. Once you install aistarter enable usb debuging on your phone check instructions on the internet. You can see on the left hand side your interface. You can add your own buttons pictures media and more. In this picture below i added  webview function.  You can see on the right and side you can add web page and save it. When you open android application on your phone this webpage will open for you.  You can see in the second picture i added image and button. If you click this button it will take a picture for you automatically once you add camera function. You can think of anything you can even make simple games. It’s much easier than android studio. I was able to make simple voice synthesizer application.You can find lots of great tutorials on the internet and some experts can teach you more. It’s a good way to start your first android application. You still need to write basic codes but it’s much easier. Make sure you check tutorials about code blocks. Some basic codes like When screen 1 initializes play yoursong.mp3. It means when you open application you can hear music.  Codes not so complicated once you get used to them.   It depends how quickly you learn everything. Don’t expect to create whatsapp or anything like that on your first day :). Once your project is finished you can publish them on MIT you can also save whole APK file and share it somewhere else or install on your phone and show it to your friends. Screenshots below just demonstration how it works :). Good luck and go make tons of android apps now learn more from professional developers lots of tutorials all over the internet. Go to search engine and type Mit App inventor tutorials.






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