Originally i from Lithuania. I remember i was just 14 years old me and my family moved to england back in 2006 not so long time ago when i think about it now. Summer was about to end and school year about to begin in september. It was frightening moment. First school in a new country. The biggest problem was i wasn’t able to speak much english.  I used to live in a  small town called Tewkesbury gloucestershire. I remember i arrived in school on my first day everyone was looking at me. It was interesting for them i guess. I haven’t seen much foreigners there because it’s a really small town. I remember it was a good school many students were very friendly and helpful. Girls were really beautiful haha and very friendly. Most of them used to smile at me a lot it was enjoyable. Teachers were really awesome and funny.  Few times we went on trips it was some kind of farms. They told us to do some work inside the farm. That was strange i never knew kids in school have to do things like that. That was a bit strange. I guess the main purpose of this to teach us about work experience. Countryside looked really beautiful in gloucestershire. After few hours we went back to the school. I could hear other kids singing in the mini van some strange songs and they all looked happy. Obviously i never understood what they were singing. I was not very happy i never joined them. I remember i had to go to lessons like Science education i mean not very logical if i can’t speak any english. It’s not easy to understand about chemicals nutrients and stuff like that when you are foreigner. It was interesting time when i think about this now. Tewkesbury school was really special for me. However in 2007 i moved to different town in somerset. I still live in somerset here nowadays.

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