Let me tell you my story How i obtained my drivers license in the uk. Hardest thing i’ve ever done in my life. I remember i was 19 years old. I think this is the right age for young person to get a drivers license.I was looking for a job at that moment and car was necessary. Originally i from Lithuania so it was much harder for me. I was reading on the internet what i have to do in order to get license. I realized first thing i need to get theory certificate before i can take a test. I called dvla number if i remember correctly. I booked my test and nice lady on the phone offered me a DVD with the road signs and all the questions i need to learn. I bought it and i started learning immediately. I was reading everyday i think the hardest part for me was hazard perception test. I bought another dvd rom some website it helped me a lot and i remember i failed 3 times theory test. Then i finally passed on the 4th attempt. I received a theory certificate on the paper it said i have two years to pass my driving test otherwise this theory certificate will expire. I think that’s a reasonable amount of time. Now that’s where my adventure begins it was time for me to get a driving instructor. I know in england you have two choice you can go with the company and they’ll teach you how to drive or you can get hire a private instructor. I checked on the internet and i found lots of self employed private driving instructors.  I found a driving instructor first one was british. He charged £21 per hour it’s a normal price . He taught me how to switch the engine on and how to change gears. I’ve never driven a car before so it was not easy. I had troubles with roundabout and changing lanes. Months passed i think about 4 months and i thought i was ready lots of money wasted already. I said i want to book my driving test. He said no way you not ready. The funny thing this asshole booked my test i find out by typing my details into the website but he didn’t told me this. Also strange thing he used to do change the date of my driving test. I was angry i told him i want only 1 hour lesson per day. He always made me pay for two hours. He was upset. I decided to leave this instructor and to look for someone else. I can see i was going nowhere with this dude. I’m a foreigner myself and i found a polish drivers instructor. This dude was wierd. I bought intensive 4 hours lesson first day. When i got in the car he already asked me for money. I can smell the alcohol from this dude. Maybe he was a bit drunk i have no idea. I started driving and this dude was so angry he started shouting like crazy swearing i had throuble on the roundabout.  I think that’s not the right way to treat your customer. I stopped i remember it was very hot day and he was shouting a lot i started feeling bad. He was looking at me like i’m crazy. Finally i went back home. And i said no way i don’t need this shit. Then the next day same polish instructor called me and asked me if  i want some more lessons. I said bye bye and hunged up. I thought damn it i’ll never going to pass this test in this country. I found another instructor this time british guy again. I met him i shaked he’s hand he seemed like a nice person.  It was time for me to go and do the test this guy didn’t care much if i was ready or not. So i went to the test centre. I was driving in the big town taunton,somerset i remember i hit the curb on the first attempt and instant fail. I wasn’t dissapointed much. The second time my instructor was a young woman. She told me to stop on the hill i stopped. I forgot to my handbraked. Car was rolling backwards and i was not following the route correctly instant fail. I was a bit dissapointed at that time. Then my instructor recommended to go to diffferent town Weston super mare. I did my test third time and birds got in my way i stopped a car. Instructor told me you can’t just stop like that. Again i failed. Finally fourth time i remember i stayed calm all the way. I had a nice chat with instructor he asked me if i work anywhere at that time i used to work in the factory. I said i work in the factory funny times haha. I nailed everything all the roundabouts routes. I remember he said let’s go back to the centre. I parked my car there and he open he’s folder and i can see my drivers license. My heart was filled with joy.  I can see smile in my instructors face. And that’s my whole story haha. I hope you enjoy reading this.

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