Did you know you can play your favourite mobile games on your laptop or pc. Yes it’s possible. You don’t even need a mobile to play android games nowadays. How cool is that. Yeah technology keeps moving forward. The funny thing all the android games are created on the computer. You can even use any applications not only games. It’s like your whole phone in your computer. We can do that with emulators. There are many emulators such as Bluestacks BigNOX and more. One of my favourite emulator is Bignox it’s very well made emulator one of the best on the market i think. You can see in the screenshot clearly how to assign buttons and set controls. You can do that by dragging with the mouse to the right spots and enter keyboard buttons you want to use. You can even use your favourite applications like WhatsApp and more. You still need a stronger computer with good GPU if you want to run everything smoothly. Laptop with Intel HD graphics card will not work very well. After you installed BigNox on your computer. You need to download applications. You can do that easily from Google Play Store or the other way. I prefer to use APKPURE.COM you can choose any android application you want. Download on your computer apk file and drag on the emulator. BigNox will recognize them immediately and installation will start automatically. You can even use special browser inside the application. You can make your computer more safer this way. If you get any virus inside noxplayer nothing will happen to your pc. All you have to do is to reinstall noxplayer and you can use it again. You can even make BigNOX rooted. Just like your mobile device it means you can access some special software. If you want to make BigNOX rooted you can do that just with one click go to general settings and click on Root options.Who needs phones anymore right when you can use emulators :). I think that’s a fantastic thing and definetly give it a try if you never knew anything like that.

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