Hello readers. Let’s talk about 90s golden age. I  was born in 1992.  It was a time when technology was about to begin. Who can forget first internet browser Netscape. Actually it was very good i remember i still used this in 1999 when i was very young boy :). Trust me it was not so easy to use internet back in 1999 with dial up connection. Websites used to load really really slow it was impossible to watch video on the internet lots of buffering issues. My brother installed first Chatroom software MIRC it still exists but not so many people use this. Lots of people used Netmeeting back then and it worked really well believe it or not but even webcam chat was available. Who can forget cartoon network one of the greatest tv channels for kids and adults with the best cartoons in the world best memories ever unfortunately new generation destroyed whole channel. Video games were the greatest thing who can forget SEGA NES PS1 and other classic consoles. Lots of great games even to this day. Lots of huge gamers still keeping retro scene alive things like that are unforgetable always be in my heart forever :). I remember with my best friend we used to play contra for many many hours at night. Funny thing in my country video games were really expensive because my country was and still is very poor. They used to sell pirated cartridges to people for cheaper price it was better than nothing. Not many people could afford things like sega in Eastern Europe. And ofcourse 1990s movies who can forget them films like Twins, Home Alone, Robocop, Rambo Doubtfire and more. I still watch every night 90s or 80s films it’s really enjoyable and easy to watch. Films were harder to make back then because technology was not so advanced. We can talk whole night about 90s how great it was. Unfortunately time goes and never stays in one place we can’t live in the past always but sometimes it’s good to talk about it :).

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