Hi again i know it’s been a while since i wrote anything here it’s because i’m very busy nowadays. I want to talk about Twitch website. I remember back in 2018 i decided to join twitch because i thought it was cool idea to play games and chat with other people while i do that. Well it’s nothing like that at all. If you are new streamer don’t even bother registering there. I started building community without any audience. So what happens when you join the website. You have all your programs ready such as OBS overlays and you start to stream. Well let me tell you nothing happens you can stream for many months nobody will ever come there. I had few real viewers i believe but they just trolls bots. They come to your stream and spam links or talks nonsense . I think most of them like very young viewer age not even adults. If you think you can earn money from twitch it’s impossible you have to have 50 followers and many hours of streaming. I think it’s impossible to reach if you not famous.Community is extremely rude and not friendly. I believe most of them don’t have a job and just sits there for many hours. This is what i call losers. Majority of people are kids on twitch. Maybe you are one of those lucky people who joined the site in 2013 and you stayed for 6 years. I’ve seen people with hundred of thousand views but only 10 people watch their stream. I guess it’s not very interesting to watch other person play video games because you want to do that :). The reality is twitch sucks big time. If you are woman you might have better chances to become popular. Most of woman on the website just talks and shows their half naked body and gets lots of money. I guess it’s like modern prostitution you can earn some money with your body if you are woman. Website owners love that. Actually in 2018 i’ve been streaming for many months i belive 6 months. I believed it’s possible to become famous. Oh boy i was wrong so after 6 months i had 12 followers maximum. I don’t think all of them were real i guess about 5 of them were real. Don’t forget you need really powerful pc if you want to stream. Otherwise it will look laggy and pixelated if you have weak cpu and gpu and most of games will be impossible to stream. Also it can be addicting because if you think you keep going something will happen. Website also bombarded with ads on your stream people have to wait 10 seconds to watch your stream. Trust me nothing will happen unless you are really famous already and you transferred all your people to twitch. End of story forget this website it sucks. I deleted my account there and never looked back.

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