Let’s talk about online dating. Sometimes we all feel alone and lonely. We think we can find that special person on the internet. Well reality it’s nothing like that. If it was that easy everybody had a partner. Yes you can find lots of websites. Most of them paid but some website are free. Just because you have to pay for the website don’t think they’ll bring you a wife. Well i’ve spend a lot of months on dating websites because i thought i can find that special woman. Let’s talk about the women there. You’ll find lots of beautiful profiles and very well written. The reality is competition is enormous. They’ll get hundreds of messages in one day from hungry men. Other thing they have a lot of choice. So ofcourse they’ll choose the rich man with fat wallet. They’ll cheat on you yes it’s very rarely they stick to one person that’s what i learned. Other thing lots of them have psychological mental problems they afraid of many things. Similar to animal deer in the forest. Keep that in mind they don’t look for love they don’t care. Main reason why they join such websites because they want to show off. Most of the time they are married and cheat already on their partner which is quite sad. Maybe they are in the abusive relationship who knows. Other thing your money important. Often they want your money and will never love you no matter how much you show them all your feelings. Let’s talk about men so you don’t call me a sexist or something :). Yes men are hungry for women often they can’t find their partner in real life. They think if they send penis to the woman they’ll get aroused and come to them. Well that’s not gonna happen. It’s disguiting to think how can they do such thing without a shame. Ofcourse there are genuine men with kind heart and good intentions but majority just want a quick fuck sex. Well it’s an illusion accept it and you’ll feel better. God didn’t put us here on this planet just to sit infront of the computer screen and wait for something to appear. Reality is you have to go into the real world. Be strong make your first move. Smile a lot and believe in yourself. I know you can do it. Give all your heart to the person. Show them how much you want her or him. But remember sometimes it’s not meant. So no matter how hard you’ll try. You have to realize there is no magic formula when it comes to love. Just be happy and enjoy your life. We live once and we have only one life. Save it. I wish you all the best and i know everything will be alright. Don’t rely on the internet please :).

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