Every country accepts homosexuals differently. However we all know they go against god. They are similar to pedophiles it’s like a disease. The main reason why people become homosexuals because they’ve been traumatized as a child or they have problem with opposite sex. They want other people to accept them but actually they can’t accept themselves because they know they not normal. I think most of them become homosexuals because they have problem with woman and they think it’s much easier to have male partner. Other thing homosexuals they can’t stay with one partner. They change them a lot it’s like a virus they want to spread this disease to everyone and infect them. It destroys our world if everyone became homosexuals humanity would be gone. Who created sexual orientation it’s interesting. There’s no such thing as sexual orientation only man and woman exist. If they attached to men. Maybe they attached to kids. It’s very similar thing to pedophiles. It’s a fact it’s not normal and they have to be treated. It’s pervertism. Maybe it runs in the family  but it’s not normal it’s degeneration. It doesn’t mean we have to go fight with them or destroy. But we have all different kind of people in this world. And we have to learn to live with this.  Our mission is to teach people and make them normal.We all can see it’s some kind of mental disease.If your kid asks you where do babies come from. You not going to tell thim it comes from man and other man you can’t explain them what is homosexual. All you can tell him it’s a mental disease insane person who needs to be treated in the institution. You don’t have to respect my opinion. You have to respect person. Opinion means nothing :). But reality is sad what this world becomes.

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