I guess many people wonder if it’s possible to earn some money online. I always wanted to earn some cash i started learning how to do that since 14. There’s lots of ways you can earn money on the internet. Remember don’t expect to make a living still it’s possible but very small chance. I used to earn $15 per month when i was 14 with survey site. So first realistic method to earn money is Surveys. Yes it’s just cents but still i remember there used to be website called Treasuretrooper i believe it still exist. The only problem i think they accept only if you live in the USA UK or CANADA. Maybe they allow more countries. You create  a free account on Treasuretrooper and they give you free websites. You have to go there and answer many questions. You can get $0.30 per survey. It’s possible to earn about $50.00 if you lucky per month yeah it’s legit and i received a cheque long time ago :). Another survey site was i remember prizerebel also the same principle. Anyway this option is good only for teenager i guess or some extra money for fuel :).  Another way become a twitch streamer do you have talent can you sing or entertain other people. Yes if you become more popular and people like you they can donate some cash via paypal. I’ve seen many people who get some money even thousand $$$$. Remember it takes a lot of time it might not happen over night. You have to put a lot of hours and still there’s no guarantee you make money. Another method selling stuff on Ebay yes it’s the easiest way. If you have some good items add them on ebay and you’ll see some sales i’m sure.Other more realistic method is pay per download. Basically you upload file and if someone downloads you get some cents anyway i never had any success with this.Also if you good with computers and know some programming you can become freelancer and do some small jobs for others this way you get paid. If you can draw or do design Fiverr maybe good place for you. I’m sure there more ways to make cash you have to try many things :). Never give up. The only problem there’s no magic formula whent it comes to money. Some people make money with mind others with physical force. Both ways can be successfull or unsuccessful. I never had success making money on the internet only small amount.

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