We all know how bad is to have slow internet connection let’s talk about internet providers in england. Well reality is very sad it’s one of those countries in europe with bad internet connection. High speed internet is very important in today’s world. If you want to watch video on the internet you might experience buffering issues with slow connection. It will be impossible to watch. Also it will take many hours to download your important file. Typical British user have less than 10mbps speed and this is horrible in 2019. The main reason is government is not investing in this. They promised us super high speed true fibre connection by 2025 but that’s just words. Things changing in good old England very slowly but they trying to change many things. Main internet providers in the uk are BT, Virgin, TALKTALK, Vodafone, Plusnet,Sky, That’s your main providers. There are many others depends where you live. So what can you actually do. Let’s say you moved into a new place. You need high speed internet connection. What to do. You check providers what can they offer. The sad thing because of infrastructure they will offer you almost the same speed no matter what provider. You will notice the stability with different providers that’s the only thing is different. Small portion of people in the uk can get 75mbps FTTC fibre to the cabinet is not exactly fibre but it’s not too bad if you only one user in the household.  However this speed is not available in all areas. If you can’t get fttc 75mbps you might be able to get 24mbps package. Now that’s not very good you might be happy and not notice but if many people use internet at the same time things will be bad and slow. You can go here and check what’s available in your area BroadbandMap. My suggestion is get Fibre connection true fibre atleast 100mbps minimum 1GBPS that’s 1000mbps is what we all dream about but 100mbps is more than enough for smooth gameplay online streaming.  If you can get true fibre. Check if other options available. UK invested a lot in Hybrid cables. It’s very similar to Fibre. This package called GFAST many providers offers this. I recommend TALKTALK GFAST they have two packages one is called 145mbps for £28 per month and other 300mbps for £50 that’s the best option if you can get anything else. You will not regret it. You can check this here.Enter your postcode and you’ll find out if you can get. I’ve been using talktalk for 4 years and never had any issues. A lot of people will tell you it’s not very good provider. But trust me there are no good providers in the uk BT Vodafone is even worse random disconnection. And the main thing you want is the highest speed as possible and cheap. Talktalk is the way to go only GFAST package. If you can get that. Do something in your community. I think all people deserve high speed internet. We live in 2019.

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