Let’s talk about british women. First of all i’m not expert myself. However i lived long enough in the uk i watched closely people in this country i studied. I joined many dating websites in the past i talked with women there. Also i had opportunity to talk with some british women in real life. I apologize if i make my readers upset here. Remember it’s only my opinion. Let’s say you are in your late twenties or early thirties. You think it’s time for you to find a nice woman in england. Here’s my reasons why you want to avoid them especially if you are foreigner or even a british man. First reason loyalty doesn’t exist in the uk. Yes it means even if you think she likes you about 90% she’ll betray you what i realized most of women in england can only last 1 year in the relationship no more than that. Also they think it’s okay to date other men even if she’s with you. I’m not saying all of them like that. Every person is very different but majority of them don’t know what loyalty is or respect. Other thing is they like to drink a lot like crazy and they like night clubs clubbing until they reach early 40s. That’s a long time it means they act like little child for a very long time and don’t take responsibility. It means she most likely meets other men and have sex even if she’s in the relationship.  We all love good food right. Don’t expect british women cook for you or clean the house it’s not in their nature. Other thing keep in mind there’s a huge risk she’s infected with sexual disease like AIDS. It’s a good chance you’ll get this during intercourse. More bad things they are very selfish she might spend most of her days on facebook and she most likely have thousands of random people there she don’t even know. They are bad mothers not taking care of their own children. Most of the reason why they have children because they want money from government. Her child is the last thing on her mind.  Lots of shouting not treating her own child well.  I hope you understand what you getting into.  I hope you find nice kind honest caring british woman in your life and prove me wrong. Thanks for reading :). We all have different cultures.

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