Hi :). I never had problems with ebay before. But i guess i was just unlucky. I want to share my story with you guys. So i had opportunity to buy a new pc. I decided to buy a refurbished one for some reasons. I thought i can get a better deal and cheaper one. Oh boy i was wrong well first of all i’m blaming myself. Because of my lack of knowledge. The last PC computer i bought was back in 2013. That was long time ago. I decided to get a better one. Well lots of technology changed and i was confused a bit. I didn’t know much about the new Ryzen processors and better graphics cards. So i finally found an interesting seller. He had 100% positive feedback then it means you can’t go wrong right. Well that’s not entirely true. So i’m in the UK. The person build computers as a hobby. So i guess he knows what he’s doing. You can see some pictures below. I like gaming so it looked like a good gaming machine. Titan Graphics card attracted the most. The problem was i thought it was the newer one. Actually it was from the year 2013. I find out later. The other thing it was DDR3 RAMS it means very old ones and weaker older generation. I didn’t know much about DDR4. And ofcourse I7 4930K processor from the year 2011. I did everything wrong buying this pc. I’ve spent £913 on this older machine. Yes i’m stupid but i learned my lesson. Why did i buy simple reason. It looked good to me because i bought my previous pc long time ago. So pc parts looked nice. Yes lack of knowledge stupidity main problems. I didn’t read much about the newer stuff and end up with this garbage computer. So what’s next it worked okay for 4 months. One day i was playing some game and suddenly pc shuts down on it’s own. I pressed the power button and nothing works. I guess it failed completely. So now £913 gone i was scammed with bad parts. I contacted the seller on ebay. He delivered me this pc so i know it’s and older guy. He suggested me to disconnect all the parts. So again he wants to protect himself because if i do that. I might damage parts. So i said i don’t have a knowledge to do that and that’s true. He said check the power cable i did that. Nothing helped. He told me he cannot guarantee he will fix the problem and i have to pay for everything myself. It made me angry because i paid so much money and now i have to pay to fix it. Well he said computer was used not new. But he stated it was refurbished. So not exactly used. Refurbished is different thing. So what happened i contacted my bank provider. They couldn’t do anything. I contacted paypal. Now that’s where the fun started. I opened paypal case i explained everything what happened. My paypal case was closed immediately for some reason. I contacted paypal again they reopened and told me i have to contact action fraud department. I  did that and they said i need to send the proof from action fraud department a letter with reference number.  I did that. Then i received a letter from paypal with the sellers address. Now my job is to dispatch this old heavy garbage to him.  I did that with Parcelforce it’s a great delivery company. It cost me about £53 with discount code to do that. This ebay seller started sending me nasty messages. He said i’m dishonest person and i should contact parcelforce and take my item back.  So i provided all the tracking number to the paypal and everything. Paypal team is very helpful and really great company i can tell you that now. So they decided to close my case again. After i send the pc i guess ebay seller was not happy and was arguing with paypal. Because i bought this pc as a guest. I can’t see paypal case myself i have to phone paypal to check what’s happening. And i phoned paypal again and they told me it was a mistake and they reopened case again. So good thing i was checking everything an i didn’t miss anything. So finally i received email saying  paypal was closed in my favour. I’ll get a full refund within 30 days. It was faster than that :). Really quick. Anyway i’m very happy and i want to thank paypal team for helping me a lot. I can’t tell you who was the seller on ebay. Because of the security reasons. It was and old guy and he’s hobbies to build computers. That’s the only thing i can tell you. He had 100% feedback. So i can tell you ebay and paypal is great website. But becareful some sellers are really nasty and they want quick money nothing else. My advice to all people never ever buy a refurbished pc or laptop especially if the seller is and old guy who builds computers for a hobby. Make sure it’s a company. I was lucky this time. But maybe you will not be lucky. So always think what you buy on the internet.Never hurry up always read a lot and learn new information. I hope you enjoyed and happy holidays guys :).

Here’s the computer i was talking about some pictures for your enjoyment :). I paid £913 for this old garbage and he made about £400 out of me. Real value is about £500 at the best. Take care.

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