I found discord application about a year a go. But i never used it properly until early 2020. So it’s an interesting application well not in a good way first of all. They have something called discord servers. It’s similar to facebook groups. Discord is more dedicated for gamers but not only. Most of discord users are little children 13-14 years old and even younger. It’s insane how easy children can access such applications. The other thing they have lots of adult people. The ones who are not very healthy mentally. Yes it’s a good target for pedophiles.  Website don’t have any control who uses and what they do. There is no control. This application will ruin your kids. Just like facebook. The other thing it was confirmed discord contains light spyware. It means they can track what applications you are using on your computer and what you typing. They will sell your data to the companies without your consent.  I’m talking from experience i used few days and just recently closed my account thee.They have website called disboard and it helps you to find a room to join. The saddest part is most of the rooms are controlled by little kids. So they can do what they want and when they want. It puts little kids at risk. So what are the risks. Well children can be raped if sick minded person tries to message them. Kidnapped and even worse. Discord website states it’s time to ditch skype and other applications. Well Skype is a family orientated and it’s definitely different from gamer community. Maybe skype is not so popular nowadays but people still use it. And there’s an alternative to skype called Whatsapp. So discord is definitely not a replacement to skype. What i noticed also on discord a lot of people have lots of mental and anger disorders. They get agitated very quickly. Because discord affects your mental health and puts you in greater risk of depression or even suicide. It’s intended for homosexual community and they want younger people to join them or even kidnap them. It’s absolutely disguising. Please don’t waste your time with application like discord. They live in their little fantasy world. They want something that doesn’t exist.

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