We all love good video game. I think we want to save money all the time. It’s not a good idea to buy video games from official stores. Because you’ll lose a lot of money. Today i want to talk how you can get the same games much cheaper from other places. Nowadays we only need a CDKEY to activate video game on steam platform or any other platform. It has to be legit obviously. I use G2a mainly because it’s got the best prices there. Not all the time though. We have to explore every single website and find the most suitable price. There’s one website called https://www.dlcompare.com/ . If you go here. What it does actually it scans whole market places to find the right price. This website automatically looks through hundreds of websites and finds the cheapest option available.

Here’s the example how it works.

I think it’s amazing. Remember sometimes you can go even deeper. It doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest option here. You won’t  believe. I actually saved about 80% on EBAY. Yes i think ebay is the most effective place to save money. Make sure you use all different countries in ebay. Even if you live in Europe you can use EBAY.com and try to find prices in USA. Maybe some guy just received a steam gift for free. And he wants just quick money so he sells really cheaply. This is how it works. I use G2a.com most of the time. Because i think it’s really awesome place.  Back in 2010 lots of people from UK USA used to buy video games from RUSSIA. Yes if you can find good Russian website. You’ll save tons of money. But it’s not easy to buy from Russia. Because they use their own payment systems like webmoney. Sometimes they accept perfect money. IF you have perfect money gift card you can use that. Plati.ru is one of the website in Russia. Sometimes they accept paypal. Another problem you might face it. They are region restricted. Well you can bypass it. Yes you can use good vpn server in Russia and activate on steam. Only one time and that’s it. You can play the game for half price :). How about Gametame.com .You have to do some tasks you’ll earn points. Later you can redeem them and and get your free game. Well good luck and enjoy gaming :). I hope you found this useful.

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