I’ll try to explain how to configure this printer correctly and easily without any wires. You need internet connection. Android phone also required. 


Actually it’s really easy all you have to do is download the app for your phone HP SMART from here and PRINT PLUGIN  Download them and transfer apk files with usb cable on your phone. Install both of them. First you have to enable setup mode by holding wifi and cancel button for 5 seconds or something. Then it still keeps searching and nothing happens. Press add printer at the bottom on your android device. Then enter your routers network wifi password. Then go to HP website and get the basic Drivers for your PC LAPTOP install it enter ip and That’s it ;). You can find wifi settings in your routers control panel on your pc usually and user admin and pass admin if this doesn’t work do research on the internet because you need your wifi password That’s it ready to go and works really well. You can access printers control panel in your browser with the ip address it shows how much ink left and other settings. 

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