Do you want to play really old games on your modern machine without installing separate OS and those annoying dual boots. It’s possible. I was able to do that. Well I included magnet link you just need bitorrent client to download this preconfigured OS. It includes VMWARE player for non commercial use. It’s got special XP performance edition Open source version . You can run any game or software easily . It’s a virtual machine but games runs flawlessly. However please be careful and never connect to internet Windows XP no longer got security updates. It means it’s very vulnerable and you can get a virus or anything nasty easily. All the drivers already installed even few demo games for you to try. Run out of the box :). I used Windows XP for a long time back in older days. I really enjoyed it. It’s one of those retro systems worth looking back. The main reason is Retro Games. There are so many awesome games and application you can run on Windows XP. Just do a research on google and you’ll find out instantly. I hope you like this little gift. I can even teach you how to install even older systems like Windows 98 or even 95 but that’s another story I guess =)). Remember in 2020 you can’t do much with this system besides gaming. So if you love gaming i’m sure you’ll like this. Remember you can control anything you want inside this OS because it’s a virtual machine. You can increase ram size. Depends how much you have on your real system. Also same with the disk space and other things. Do anything you want. You can easily uninstall later if you don’t like it. It works fine with windows 10 pro. If you want to transfer files to this virtual machine all you have to do is create a folder on your real system. Then in VMWARE enable this folder and make sure it’s shareable. That’s it.



Make sure you have Deluge software if you want to download.

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