It’s been a while since i wrote anything here. Life is not easy in difficult times and a lot of things happening right now. I want to talk about my childhood a little bit here. I always loved video games and i still do. I remember i was 8 years old. My parents bought first console. Dandy or aka Ziliton was a clone of the original NES. Actually it’s the same thing just a clone not the original thing. Back in eastern Europe NES clones were popular and pirated cartridges. The main reason because it was affordable for a regular person.  Most of pirated cartridges were yellow not the grey one. Chinese sold lots of them to eastern european market. I remember i used to invite of my friends to my place and we used to play Tanks aka Battle city.  Games were so simple and fun to play. I used to spend many many hours in front of my tv Contra was superb game back then. I was never able to beat this game though. I used to have light gun and the other popular game i used to play with this gun was Duckhunt. Sega was more advanced system back then i remember i always wanted it so badly. Unfortunately i never had sega. One time i came to the cousins place. I remember he had sega hooked up to he’s tv also boxes with sega cartridge. I was so impressed. Because it was damn awesome. Good times don’t last long unfortunately everything has to end on the bright side we still have emulators. We can relive memories with emulators and other things.


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