I want to talk about IPTV obviously it’s not a new thing however many people in the past was unable to use this because of slow broadband speeds. Yes you do need high speed internet connection to watch online tv channels. You also need the right device. EPG electronic program guide to see what’s on. It’s much cheaper than you cable provider that’s for sure. The other thing about IPTV is there are some bad unreliable providers too. So you have to choose the right one and most trusted one. If you want to watch iptv without any buffering issues aka lag and interruption. You need about 100mbps internet connection or close to this speed.  There are many devices you can use from simple android boxes to more advanced enigma linux boxes. Your provider will tell you which one is better to use with their service. Quality is the same as your satellite dish uses. Sometimes even better. Why better?. Because even if it rains outside and you see really bad weather. It will not affect you but if you still use satellite dish it can be a big problem with signal. If you have satellite dish and iptv it’s even more. Double fun :)). Please remember if you have bad internet connection don’t even think about iptv because you’ll not be able to watch it properly. Unfortunately i can’t tell you good providers because i’m using a foreign one myself. I can recommend getting a dreambox 920HD model or similar you will not regret. Thanks for reading.  You have to do research on search engine to find best IPTV provider in your country and how to set up everything. Trust me it will be worth it and you’ll never look back again :).

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