Have you ever dreamed about playing PS3 & PS4 Games on your pc. It was possible with ps3 emulator RPCS  and still is but the experience obviously not the same. Other thing PS4 EMULATOR do not exist just yet. PSNOW service exist since 2015 it’s been on the market for good 5 years. You can buy membership cards 1, 3, 6 or ,12 months. Then you can just redeem the voucher code on sony official website and download the software and start playing games immediately. You’ll get 700 games automatically. You can’t download them you can only stream them. It means you do need high speed internet connection. I think 100mbps minimum requirements. The main reason you need such high speed connection is because games weight a lot. Some PS4 games weight like 50gb.  I tested this service just recently with my 140mbps connection. Games runs flawlessly. How about the delay and lag. All i can tell you i have absolutely no delay or lag. You can experience really small lag for 1 second but it automatically adjusts and goes back to the normal state. Well the one thing is it’s not a real console right. We are lucky to get 700 games straight on our pc. If you buy in real life that many games you’ll get bankrupted instantly haha. I highly recommend this service. Other thing yes you do need Ps4 joystick controller. Go grab one from eBay they are not expensive. You can get membership card from Sony even cheaper if you look deeply on the internet. I was able to get 1 year for less than $30 which is insane.  Picture quality is great well it mostly depends on the internet connection. If you want super smooth picture you have to use really fast internet connection. If you have slow broadband do not buy this one because it will not work the way you wanted.  Below you can see the quality of the popular game Ratchet perfection at it’s best.

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