Do you like the sims game on your PC. I found something very similar to sims. It’s called Avakin life.If you love socialising with other people you will love this game. You can buy new clothes dance moves apartments tickets and all kinds of things in this game. You can see on the right side big chat box. You can interact with others and even message other people them privately.Add them as friends. They can invite you into their apartments and so on. They have different kinds of maps beautifully designed. You can level up but it takes a long time not so simple. I installed this game on my PC i used NOX EMULATOR. I think it’s very fun game to play You can meet a lot of friendly people and not so friendly :). The game is completely free and it doesn’t cost you anything. If you want to get more golden coins or credits yes you have to pay for this. The only thing is missing is voice chat. Yes you can only chat with others but you can’t use your microphone unfortunately. You can’t upload your own avatars like in VRCHAT. But it’s a very unique game and really cool i think. You can buy lots of pets and feed them.

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