Hi and welcome again. Let’s talk about depression. It’s a nasty illness it can affect your mental health and sometimes even physical. Depression is not a joke it’s not something you can easily get rid of it. Please do not use medication you don’t want to be dependant on these pills. When a person suffers from depression weird things happens to person brains. I suffered from depression for many years. Sometimes you feel very sad and even cry for no reason. Other times you extremely happy and thing everything is fine but other day comes and it gets even worse. Depression can happen to anybody because of childhood trauma financial situation poor love life loneliness. It’s like a labyrinth. Depression can cause anger and increase stress levels a lot. Make sure you control this anger never let ruin your life even if you surrounded by bad people in your life. Tell yourself everything is gonna be alright it’s temporary. I want to tell you best things to do when you have depression.



Things to do when you suffer from depression to make you feel better.

1. Sweets Chocolate. Yes Chocolate can help you make feel better temporarily. It do something funny to your brain and you feel instant pleasure and it’s good for your heart.Reduces cardiovascular heart problems. But not eat too much :).


Make sure you go outside for a walk well at least for 15 minutes if you can or even longer. If you have a pet it’s a good way to relax for you. It can help you increase endorphins and feel you much better. Sit on the grass maybe talk to people. It can help for some but maybe not for everyone.



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Music helped me a lot. Some people have different taste. One thing i realised sad music really helps me. Sometimes i listen sad melodies songs for hours. I feel much better afterwards and more happy. If you like happy music it’s also good. Listen to prank calls have a laugh. 


Make sure you eat lots of fruits. Apples, Lemons, Bananas, Kiwis, Watermelon, and so on. You want to do this to boost your immune system. People who suffer with depression often have weak immune system and lacking of vitamins. Drink orange juice not from concentrate. 



Time well spent, not wasted: video games are boosting well-being ...

Now video games helped me a lot with depression it makes you feel so good and gives you lots of joy temporarily. However some video games can make you violent abusive and so on. Make sure you not get addicted. Everything is fine to an extent.


Things not to do when you suffer from depression to make you feel better.


1. Alcohol 

Alcohol Dependence and Abuse – Inspire Malibu

It’s the number one killer if you suffer from depression never drink please. Yes it will make you feel better for short of period time but later you’ll  feel even worse.



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Tinder Made Me Depressed": Why The Dating App Is Bad For Your ...


ENDLESS NONSENSE WITH MENTALLY ILL WOMEN and MEN . If you think you can find a nice lady there you are very wrong. All of them mentally challenged and they don’t even think about meeting other person. Forget it. Dating sites can make person extremely angry and make your depression even worse.



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People who use chatrooms everyday every night. They often think about suicide. It’s a waste of time and bad for mental health.

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