Hello everyone I’m back :). It’s been like 5 months since i wrote anything here. Funny thing i opened my blog about 2 and half years ago. We all know bad things are happening in this world. Coronavirus is one of them. I hope we all can survive this. We all have to try to keep our immune system strong in such difficult times. Many places are closed. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I decided.  I want to travel to many different countries. Taste different food perhaps meet new cultures get to know people. Create videos and upload them to youtube. Unfortunately i cannot do this at the moment. Because i can’t afford anything at the moment. I think it would be great idea to do this for my fans here. I really want to visit new countries and get some experience expand my horizons. It’s all just dreams and nothing else. It might never happen so i don’t expect anything.  You can help me achieve this dream by donating some money here through my website. Although it’s not necessary. It’s your choice :). Situation in my life is really hard now. I’m stuck in England and i have no job. Life is not easy. I’m also back to twitch and i do some live streams if interested you can check it out. It’s mainly gaming streams https://twitch.tv/deletas  

You can also talk to me live on twitch  and i’ll answer all your questions :). 

Peace love you all my fans you make everything much better.

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