Well hello everyone. Let’s talk about PlentyofFish another really lame shitty dating website not even worth mentioning the name but i just want to share my opinion. I can’t call this a dating website. Women in this place are really nasty and disgusting. The main reason they go there just to boost their self esteem. Because nobody wants them in real life. Whole website filled with scammers and robots. Most likely Indian hackers who just waiting for you. It’s not even worth messaging you have about 10 message limit. You will not get any response because all the profiles are fake. Most of them just prostitutes from escort services. Most of women already have kids on plentyoffish. So who wants that right. They will take advantage of you easily if you let them walk all over you. What i realized many women just want free diner so they might agree to go on date with you. But then prepare to open your wallet because they not gonna pay for anything obviously. And the next day you’ll never see them again because they’ll do the same thing to other poor fella. Plentyoffish looks exactly like OKCUPID NOW. Same design and everything looks the same. But okcupid looks different now. I joined plenty off fish one year ago. Then i came back few years later. Guess what all the same profiles are still online. You know why. Because it’s fake generated ones. It’s all about the money. Website owners want your money and nothing else. Biggest pile of vomit. Please do not join and forget websites like that :). Sometimes it’s better to stay alone and forget about them.


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