Let’s go back in 2002. Oh boy it was ae good time. I was very young 13 years old. I’ll probably never forget cold night winters. The smell of snow and ice. I moved to another place with my family. And finally internet connection was installed in my house. About 30 people shared one internet connection. I remember few guys placed something on the roof. And i was ready to explore whole internet :). I was born in Lithuania. I used to live in small town Klaipeda. Back then we used Chatrooms like IRC. And we also used one software called Network assistant. The funny thing all the people who used this chatroom software used to live in the same street also known as lan network. Probably few blocks away from each other. We used to share files chat sometimes. I want to talk about this one interesting Russian guy i found on network assistant. He always used he’s nickname something like this =]. Big smile. It was very weird for me. So yeah i was sitting in the chatroom doing my own thing. Then i see new message comes up. He asked me if i want to play some games Counter strike in lan network. So yeah it was alright we played few games. Well he was actually insane hacker not very healthy mentally. Okay so few days have passed. I came back home i switched on my pc. Guess what i saw. Black screen. Whole system was removed from my computer. It was insane i never knew things like that are possible. He actually really impressed me. Well 13 year old boy haha. So the pc is fixed simple windows reinstallation did the job. Okay i went back to the Network assistant chatroom. He’s still there this freak. I can see more messages from this =]. Smiley wierd guy. He send my actual address. I was scared i’m not gonna lie. He actually knows where i live. I asked him what are you gonna do. He replied something like nothing. Well it’s fine. Now few days later i’m back from school again. I switched my pc on. Guess what’s happening. Mouse is moving everywhere he’s in the control. Porno sex sounds coming from my speakers scaring the hell out of me. 100 of porno pop ups appearing on my screen. Well i grabbed windows disk and cleaned up instantly. So i had some knowledge to do that. I reformatted everything. You think it’s over. Well think again. Days have passed. My internet connection started disconnecting. Well this smiley guy was sending me DOS ATTACKS. Made me even angrier. Most of the time internet was not working. About two months have passed. Now this is the strangest and scariest shit ever happened. Well first of all i cannot guarantee it was him. I was in school. One day my mom was telling me a story. About some guy with the axe coming out from the elevator. And standing close to our doors. Smiling like hell. My mom asked him what are you doing he just smiled. And he just left the building flat. It was 8th floor flat. My story is 100% true and not made up. You can believe it or not but this is what happens back in 2002.  I’m sure it was this smiley crazy freak dude standing with the axe next to my door trying to prove something.  After this everything was quiet thank god.

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