Did you know you don’t have to buy webcam anymore. Only if you own any android phone. I remember one day my webcam started flickering and it was completely damaged. I was thinking a lot. What should i do?. I had two options. I can always buy a webcam from ebay and waste money. Then i find out i can actually connect my android phone to my PC and turn my phone into super high quality webcam. Usually all android phones got a really nice camera unless you use cheap Chinese one.


Step 1. Getting the right software for your device.


All we have to do is download few Apps one is for your PC and the second one for your Android device.

DroidCam Standard (FREE EDITION)




If you are streamer and want to use with OBS ONLY  GET THIS



Step 2. Getting the right software for your device.

All you have to do is install Android application DroidcamX or DROIDCAM OBS

If you want to use your smartphone with apps like SKYPE and so on. It’s possible.

OPEN DROIDCAMX and you’ll get your device IP ADDRESS. Paste this IP address and port numbers into your favourite browser. Now you can access the whole control panel and configure your webcam. OPEN SKYPE and go to video audio settings. Choose Droidcam as source.


The same principle applies with OBS PLUGIN. Open OBS android app. You’ll see ip address. Then enter IP address into the OBS software and you’ll see your webcam instantly.  

FREE VERSION Gives you really nice quality inside the OBS and you can do live streams straight away. I never used HD version but i’m sure it’s even better. So why spend $50 on the brand new webcam. If you can pay $5 and get the same results or even better. You don’t even have to spend any money. Free version does the job.  Tripod also might be useful.



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