I remember good old times when i was a child. I was dreaming about having good expensive things like golden chains around my neck. Expensive cars nice beautiful house and perfect life. I guess i’m a grown person now but reality is harsh and unforgiven. Sometimes in life you have no choice and you can’t choose anything else. What else left in your life only physical backbreaking job.


Everything is old fashioned in the UK. They usually don’t have the right technology to do the job. Everybody has to do it manually almost everything. You are just a number in the warehouse. Nobody cares about your health. You are worthless piece of crap to them. You’ll experience a lot of pain after the hard day of work. Others already have a lot of experience in the warehouse and really quick and know everything. If you just joined the company and it’s your first day. You’ll be like a ragdoll they’ll take advantage of you and even try to make you do the jobs they don’t want to do. Mentally you have to be extremely strong. It’s not easy to stay long hours doing the same thing and sweating like a pig all day. Prepare to get hurt. Accidents happen all the time in the warehouse. After few days of work you’ll experience extreme pain in your legs. That’s completely normal.

Amount of money is really small and not enough to fulfil your dreams. A simple warehouse worker usually gets £9.50 per hour. Do you think you worth just £9 per hour and fifty cents pence. Even a prostitute worth more. Being a warehouse worker means you are lower than prostitute basically. I think you worth more than £9.50 per hour.  In reality you can’t afford to pay all the bills with this kind of job. Unless you have a partner. Otherwise it’s just little taste of sugar in your mouth. Remember nobody needs education to do this job. So even a homeless or alcoholic person can join the warehouse. Some companies don’t do any drug testing. I’ve worked with a person who smoked weed and admitted. Prepare to work with junkies alcoholics and sorts kind of people. I’m sure you can get more money in the streets begging for money. Think carefully if you really want to be a slave in the warehouse. Take care of yourself. Life is a horrible nasty place.  You are in control don’t let anybody walk over you. 





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