We all know M.2 Drives are supposed to be connected directly into motherboard. Because that’s the best way to do it and achieve maximum speed. But what happens when your motherboard doesn’t support M.2 Drives or only uses one slot. Well the solution is really simple. It might cost you extra money. But it’s worth it. We gonna need M.2 Enclosure. You’ll find lots of them on the internet. But which one is the best. Some cheaper enclosure can even damage your SSD drive. With poor ventilation and if it overheats badly.


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This device is amazing. All you have to do is is simply insert M.2 SSD drive into this device. And you pretty much done. The only problem. You’ll lose some speed. M.2 Drive Can Support up to 3500MB/s speeds. Unfortunately this device only supports about 450-500mb/s speeds when plugged in to usb 3.1 port. However USB type-c connection might support up to 1200mb/s. This device cost about $50 it’s not too expensive. It’s got 6 holes to help with ventilation and prevent this device from overheating. I tested few large games over 100GB and they worked very well with no problems. So if you desperately need extra space and don’t want to spend lots of cash. It’s a perfect solution the best thing installation is simple. So you don’t need to do anything internally.

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