I’m back :). We all know dating websites are bullshit and usually doesn’t work. I never used bumble. And recently discovered this website. Looks like it’s very well rated site. Women decides on bumble who they want to talk with. Men cannot message so it means less competition for us. Maybe too good to be true. I came up with a strategy not sure if it’s gonna work or not. My main mission is to get matched with a nice lady and actually meet her in real life. I’m not the best looking really average guy. My chances are slim to none.


Day 1. I successfully created bumble account. I uploaded some pictures of me. I verified my account with photo verification. And pretty much i’m ready to go. I swiped right to the women i like and left to the ones i don’t. 



Day 2. I got matched with one woman no messages from her nothing. 


Day 3. I want to avoid any restrictions and swipe limits. I upgraded membership now. I just want to warn people. Becareful when you buy subscriptions on dating websites. Sometimes websites keeps charging you automatically and steals money from you. Use common sense. I bought Paysafe voucher for £10 (I paid £12 with small fee on mobiletopup.co.uk) Not gonna pay anymore obviously. This way i protected my debit cards from unauthorized charges.


Still Day 3: I like to use logic now. Now I have unlimited swipes and no more restrictions. I setup virtual machine on my main PC :). I installed very basic autoclicker. This way autoclicker clicks on likes automatically for me. I can just do other things.  I’ll leave it overnight and see what happens. 

Day 4: 

I left auto clicker overnight. And during daytime also . I got 4 matches now. I’m very surprised some ladies liked me. Out of 4 girls only 2 really good looking ladies and very compatible for me. No children and interested in the relationship. Also really close from my place only 14 miles and second one about 20 miles away from me.  Still no messages. I gave 24 hours time limit to reply.


Day 5:

1 Extra match. 1 New message but conversation didn’t lasted long. I just introduced myself. Match disappeared. Not much luck so far. 


Day 6: 

2 Extra matches. No messages. Starting to lose hope. 


Day 7: 

2 Extra matches. 1 Unmatched later. 1 Conversation but matched with person 9 hours away from me. Maybe a good chance missed. Still it’s too far away from me. Patience is the key sometimes. Everything is possible.


Day 8: 



Day 9:

1 Very good New Match. No Messages 


Day 10: 

New Match. Matched with Nigerian scammer who claims to be from Czech Republic. Conversation didn’t lasted long. 

Day 11: Coming Soon.

That’s it all days have gone. Did i had any success with this. No totally wasted money few matches but no responses. I did receive few responses from prostitute and nigerian scammer. In the end i gave thousands of likes to many girls with auto clickers. It show’s no matter how modern dating website is. It’s all scams and in reality it’s impossible to find second half on some random website. It has to happen naturally in real life. I wasted about 5 years on dating website looking for the life partner. I was scammed most of the time. Nothing worked out. I guess sometimes love is not meant for us. Maybe it’s different for you. Some are lucky in this world others not. Thanks for reading ;).

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