We made it. New year is finally here. 2021 was really hard year for me. I felt isolated in my own world. I usually on my own and now i’m on my own in the dark room writing this article. I didn’t accomplished much last year. I don’t expect this year also. I’ll try to update this blog as much as possible. But sometimes days are hard and i don’t want to do anything. Just recently found a cool game on the internet Super people. It keeps me busy most of the days. I hope i can change some things some day. My dream is to move far away from england as possible. I wish to live in thailand or some tropical country. But that’s only my dreams. I created few android games in the past. And made $5 after whole year. Which is pathetic i know. But i’m still a beginner and it’s still rewarding. I want to learn more about creating android games. Biggest dream is to find a woman in my life to create a family. It’s probably not gonna happen anytime soon or at all. But it’s good to dream about something. If anyone wants to chat with me. You can my skype is live:aivis_17     I’m available most of the days. Thanks for reading that’s it for now. Hope you have a good year.

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